If we are willing to be still and open enough to listen, wilderness itself will teach us.

Steven Harper

Moving from the Ego to Eco

Ecopsychology Africa explores the relationship between human beings and the natural world with a view to better understanding how our connection to the environment affects our mental and emotional well-being, and how we can use this connection to promote positive personal and social change.

Fostering a sense of self and purpose

Ecopsychology experiences facilitate the transition from an egocentric view of the world to an eco-centric perspective. Connecting with wilderness allows us to connect to the depth of self.

Our founder, Jeffrey Rink, has been facilitating Ecopsychology retreats since 1998 and this affords him the opportunity of integrating his interest in the natural environment and traditional African culture with his profession as a psychologist. Jeffrey has presented papers on Clinical Hypnosis and Ecopsychology at professional conferences. He has appeared on radio and television shows, and presented many public talks on Clinical Hypnosis and Ecopsychology.

Participants on our bespoke Ecopsychology Africa retreats are limited to small groups of 6 to 8 people. We advise early booking and deposit to confirm your place.

Join us on our next retreat.

7 - 16 September, 2024

Tanzania Retreat Incorporating the Great Wildebeest Migration

Ecopsychology Africa’s next retreat in northern Tanzania will incorporate the Great Wildebeest migration. Starting in Arusha National Park on to the Serengeti Game Reserve, and the Ngorongoro Crater. The focus is on the wilderness experience- both internal and external. The wildebeest migration is quite unpredictable, and occurring over several months, will add to this memorable journey. This is an immersive experience into wilderness where we take time literally and figuratively to absorb and appreciate the depth and complexity of the varied ecosystems we find our ‘selves’ in.

This intimate, exclusive retreat can accommodate a maximum of 6 participants. Ecopsychology Africa, with its appreciation of the interconnectedness of life and environment, psyche and soma, adds a tangibly intangible quality, richness and depth to this experience. Indeed, an opportunity to find psyche in wilderness and wilderness in psyche.